If you become so strong that you can stay away from you desire, would you be satisfied and always happy by yourself?

It is hard to be satisfied. The ancient people could do it easier, but in our modern. life we encounter new things every day so it is very hard to be satisfied.  We need a strong ability and capacity to be satisfied, not  new things (like information, cultural performances) to not have disappointments. We have to ask ourselves the following question:  "Even if the king, emperor or a high government official asks you to do something (meaning give you a powerful appointment), do you have  the guts to refuse?"

When you are not interested and not disappointed then you have the basis of softness. It is not that you feel satisfied, but that you feel soft.  This comes from using emptiness and humbleness. In this way you do things because you ought to do them to achieve a balance, but not to get through something (like a problem or a crisis situation).


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI