Why do we have distinguished mind?

We develop mental habits from our home life, reflection, our cultures, and our attitudes.  It is little wonder we become so confused about our life.  The first two lines of a poem written by the 6th Zen Patriarch Hui-Neng tells us how to avoid having a distinguishing mind: ¡§There is not such way to build up your wisdom/ The mirror reflects only the facts (or the truth)¡¨.

Our habits determine how we interact with others, whether we tend to be independent or more open towards people.  Independent people have different frequencies from others and these frequencies create interference with other people.  If you use the Confucian idea of ethical relationships, you will know how to be with independent people without being affected by their interference forces. These ethical relationships will also show you how to relate without interference to people who are more open.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI