Some people you meet want to be friends with you, but others have no desire to be your friend. How should we look at this?

Some people are like towering redwoods and other people are much smaller trees depending on their different abilities. The  shorter trees can・t reach the same height as te redwoods, and the redwoods don・t know that the shorter trees exist. You need to be able to communicate for a friendship to emerge.  Using more force won・t help a friendship to emerge because it needs to emerge naturally. A relationship that is the result of the use of force will have problems because it lacks a system (like a mirror to reflect our life).

Flowers germinate naturally through the wind and water. Trees can't do this as easily.

The flower seeds don't demand which way or where the wind blows. In friendship (as in other aspects of your life), don・t use your mind. If you harmonize with another person and a friendship emerges, it's predestined. Otherwise, if you don・t harmonize, forget it having a relationship with that person.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI