Why hasn・t Chinese culture spread throughout the world?

Chinese culture is so sophisticated, it is difficult for modern people to understand. The Chinese culture which is being taught in Chinese schools now is not true Chinese culture. To access true Chinese culture, one needs to practice (to discipline the body, mind and spirit) to enter it.  This takes many years of practice. Otherwise, one can・t get to the roots of Chinese culture, or see the future.

True Chinese culture has been displaced by the emergence of Western cultural forces in Asia. These forces ( things like science, democracy, and materialism) are rationally-based and make Chinese intellectuals feel that Western ideas are the only options available to them. We don・t need to jettison Chinese culture to embrace Western culture.  In the last twenty years society has been stable, changes to Western influences.   In the Ching dynasty people didn・t understand Chinese culture  so they couldn・t see the future. The first three Ching emperors (who were Manchurian) were good and capable because they practiced disciplining their body, mind and spirit; the later emperors did not practice and  so lost their innovation. Society and the country stagnated and were unable to .further on・ as the I Ching puts it. These later Ching emperors  lost  their courage and their body and mind became weak. They just administered the government so the people were not encouraged to speak about the national spirit. None of the scholars at that time spoke of culture and spirit so the government got weak. Need people to go in and open the culture up.

Most people (the .ordinary・ people who do not practice any form of discipline) need lower culture in their lives. China also has its own lower culture.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI