Student Reflections on the Life Philosophy Class
(Ji Shu-Yu)

Before the age of 25, I stubbornly and rigidly tried to show off by being a know-it-all. In addition, I felt then that the best and most beautiful thing in life is a sort of personal insistence on my own way of thinking about things.

Now, after practicing chikung and studying life philosophy under my teacher's guidance, however, I think the best and most beautiful thing in life is how to take setbacks in stride and go with the flow. Therefore, I regard my past experience as mostly illusory and full of misunderstandings.

Before I began to practice chikung, my life was full of problems and difficulties which continue to plague me. Fortunately, with the help of chikung practice and the knowledge I received from the life philosophy course, I now look at external problems including psychological and physical imbalances from a much higher state of life which promotes my own views of life, allowing me to live harmoniously with the environment.

This in no way means that I am personally particularly strong or good since my attainment of this level of enlightenment comes from the help of my teacher in the practice of chikung and the acupuncture I have received.

Nowadays I try to face things that I had previously been unable to face. I can understand myself much better, open my mind, and adjust a more positive view of life through such a procedure. Therefore, I think the best state of mind should consist of several levels; first, by avoiding being trapped by things, I can be optimistic in the face of failure, which then allows me to let go of my mind.

In the second level, positive and optimistic forces emerge from within my body and mind, giving me the power of positive thinking. Third, the state of perfect harmony which then emerges will allow me to learn how to unify my body and mind, as well as man and nature, and thus I can ignore my real self and everything.

Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI