Distant Transmission of Power by Man?

by Professor Si-Chen Lee

Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

The mysterious but popular legend of distance transmission of power can be found in the various chikung schools and sects in Mainland China, Taiwan, and the United States. This legend has it that students (at a fixed time and location) regularly receive (through thin air) the message of power sent by their masters who may be thousands of miles away. We have heard of people in Taipei receiving healing forces which were transmitted in Loyang, China or of people in San Francisco, California receiving forces transmitted in Dallas, Texas. Is this distance transmission of power merely a religious ceremony providing a psychological boost or is there more to it? Is there really such a thing?

In 1987 Peking's Chinghua University sponsored a series of tests and experiments with the assistance of ProfessorLi Hsung-Ping of its Chemistry Department, Prof. Lu Ju-Yin of the High Energy Physics Graduate School of the China Science Academy, and Chikung Master Yen Hsing. In a series of experiments Master Yen transmitted his forces different distances up to 109 kilometers to a variety of target liquid solutions including, among others, tap water, saline solution, and glucose solution. Some changes were detected by the Raman Laser Spectrum before and after the transmission of these forces from a distance. A study was also made of changes in chest lymph enzyme RNA and DNA in a small calf by a Chikung master sending chi from a variety of distances from 3 to 10 kilometers. The results documented that the absorption of ultra-violet waves for the DNA and RNA were obviously increased. In many other distant transmissions (from ranges varying from a hundred meters to ten kilometers) of forces to different sorts of chemical mixed solutions placed in normal room temperature without artificial lighting were found obviously reactions of substitution.

Many scientists joined the Yen Hsing Chikung Association which was founded after Master Yen Hsing immigrated to the United States in 1990. If the above mentioned experiments can be replicated in the United States, they will more objectively prove the existence of the distance transmission of forces.

I have been trying to scientifically determine if forces can be transmitted at a distance, and if so, what the theory is to describe this phenomena. Although I have not reached definitive conclusions which support a theory, I have noticed some significant phenomena in the series of experiments with chikung masters I have conducted over the last ten years. I have noticed that in experiments in which their EEG waves were measured as they claimed to be transmitting forces, the Chikung master's alpha waves were measured at exactly 8 herts. We can, therefore, make a fundamental presumption that chikung masters may make use of the electromagnetic wave of the earth to transmit their message and force/energy.

There is an electron ion layer surrounding the Earth at a height of 100 kilometers which forms a ball-shaped resonance belt allowing a vibration resonance of electromagnetic waves all over the earth. In 1959 the German scientist Schumann predicted the existence of such waves which were scientifically established in 1960 as the Schumann Resonance. A Schumann wave is eight hertz at its lowest frequency with a wavelength 40,000 kilometers long - just long enough to completely circle the Earth. Therefore, when lightning occurs any place on Earth it will trigger a Schumann wave to travel around the world immediately. So chikung masters may have the ability to use such a channel to deliver their forces.

In one of my experiments conducted at the National Taiwan University Hospital I measured the brainwaves of a Chikung master surnamed Chung who claimed to be able to transmit his forces at a distance. When he closed his eyes in a meditative way, the mainstream for his alpha-wave was measured at 11 hertz. However when he started to transmit his forces to a target place, we measured a large peak of brainwaves at exactly 8 hertz for ten seconds. Such experiments may give proof to the mystery of delivering forces and signals from a distance.

Another experiment investigated a Mr. Huang's claim that he was able to open his third eye or his crown during meditation to transmit forces from the heaven and Earth to other people sitting in front of him to heal their symptoms ranging from insomnia to being hyper or hysterical. When we measured his brainwaves during meditation, we found little activity in his brain. An 8 hertz brainwave suddenly occurred when he tried to heal a person. This brainwave occurred as he grabbed the wrist of a nurse who was assisting in the experiment and stepped on the top of her foot so as to receive the chi from heaven. At exactly the same time the nurse reported a warm sensation passing through his hand into her wrist.

Can our brain really create resonance with heaven and Earth? We don't have a definite answer right now, but we hope more scientists will work on this myth.

Commentary on the above article:
The above article written by Professor Lee (the leading researcher for the Bioenergy Bureau of the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China) appeared in the China Times newspaper on November 21, 1997. These experiments and conclusions about Mr. Huang and especially Master Chung's abilities demonstrate the ancient theory of Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian masters from a long time ago.

These practices simultaneously focus on the very important principle of perfecting ourselves and the levels one must progress through in this perfection process. The best discipline or practice for self-perfection comes through learning from heaven and Earth because no other method or source can teach us better. This method is called the assimilation between man and heaven. In writing about this method, the Taoist philosopher Chuang-tse stressed the importance of unifying everything in our experience as one and expanding our spirit to the state and level matching heaven and Earth. The Confucian philosopher Mencius indicated the way to accumulate our positive and greater chi so that it could expand to accommodate heaven and earth. Buddhist scholars emphasized expanding our chi and mind to the level which covers all levels within man (all walks of life) and nature (dharma levels).

The attainment of these levels of combining man and nature together depends on the level and energy of a practitioner to accumulate his experience and the ability to achieve a specific state. In other words, a practitioner has to be strong and balanced enough before he is able to reach that level. After that, he may travel between time and space in accordance with the levels of assimilation with nature. He also has the experiences available at that level to develop his power and wisdom on a much bigger scale like the heaven and Earth. In this way he is able to reach the state of enlightenment or the dharma levels of bodhisatva or buddha in fulfilling the Tao of prajna, Chan Buddhism, emptiness and humility.

In addition, the Chikung master mentioned in the above article is able to secure, develop and accumulate positive (yang) forces rather than negative (yin) forces because of his ability in assimilating the heaven and Earth together. He is, thus, able to access bigger forces (a wider spectrum of forces with stronger power) to detect, heal, predict, receive, send and change other imbalanced and violated (interruptive) forces. A person who is capable of such power has a much clearer understanding of how energy and dimensions operate and change because he has had the fundamental and systematic training required to control the situations which arise during his transmission or transformation of energy: he can be fully aware of the changes which arise during this tranmission of energy.

Other people who use negative (yin) types of practice such as visualization and the hypnotic-trances of automatic movement chikung may also claim that they easily reach the same level of assimilating heaven and Earth or transmission of forces from a distance. However, most or all of such claims are not true but result from the person's hypnotizing himself, distracting his mind, being misled by an illusion or a movement of the subconscious because he lacks sufficient power and an enlightened mind to achieve the real level. Simply put, their type of demonstration is just an illusion linked to self-hypnosis or the effect of taking psychedelic drugs (like LSD) or just a purely mental visualization.

In the Sixties when the Indian-type of meditation was popular around the world, a lot of the younger generation selected pure meditation rather than using psychedelic drugs as a means to set themselves free from external pressure or to escape from the troubles in their daily life. Since they wanted to avoid the side effects from drugs, it seemed safer to use meditative methods. However, the mind training which is part of many meditation methods does produce a lot of side effects (such as deviation, spiritual possession, metabolism malfunctions, internal organ blockages or extreme psychic phenomena). Meditation schools and teachers who misunderstand the levels or steps of the mental and biophysical practice will produce a lot of side effects in their students.

Although it is difficult to explain the popularity of practicing sitting meditation, there are a number of appealing features. First, sitting meditation appears to be easy to do. Second, you won't waste a lot of physical energy in doing it. Third, practicing meditation seems to be an easy way to escape pressure. Fourth, there is an appealing aesthetic "look" to doing meditation. Fifth, when one meditates one can feel good and get an escape as they explore and talk about metaphysical and spiritual aspects of life. Sixth, practicing sitting meditation results in having mystical experiences. Seventh, meditation may trigger religious insights. Eighth, it seems logical to think of meditation as the ultimate method to enlighten ourselves and to solve all problems. With all these appealing features, it is no wonder that the modern version of sitting meditation is popular with some people.

When we refer back to the ancient Taoist, Confucian, and Buddhist ways of practice, however, we find that sitting meditation was only part of a larger practice followed to perfect our life: enlightenment, the development of supernatural power, the combination of man's spirit with nature, the meaning of man in the universe, and so on. The fundamental practice of these three schools all focused on the perfection and training of our physical body first (which includes the training to strengthen our internal organs, meridians, chakras, mind and spirit together). This was followed by the training of our mind through both movement meditation (concentration of body, mind, and spirit) and sitting meditation (balancing and opening up body, mind, and spirit). After that, we may step into supernatural phenomenon through the practice of our sensation of power which is mainly developed through sitting meditation. In the last stage we may depend more on sitting meditation to help us achieve the ultimate understanding of the perfection of life because we have a strong, concrete, and balanced foundation which enables us to attain this level without making a mistake or experiencing deviations. So, if you begin your meditation practice (as many people did in the Sixties and do so even today) at the third or fourth level (sitting meditation) without developing their ability at the first level where we accumulate our energy, you will have many problems and side effects.

Finally, from Professor Lee Si-chen's experiments on distance transmission of energy and the assimilation of man's spirit with heaven we may make the following conclusion: the ability that most Chikung masters, Taoist or Buddhist practitioners, or those people born with supernatural powers claim to have is only an illusion in their body or mind because they follow a yin practice of meditation. As a result, the energy field they develop around their body which can be sensed by other people can only be regarded as an ordinary type of power or common spectrum of frequencies that most people could generate instead of their extraordinary claims.

Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI