"Grab the whole using no hands. Climb on the buffalo without sitting on it. Be like the bridge exists where no man walks. Be like the bridge under which no water flows." How do we enter this dimension?

  These lines describe the basic chikung dimension. The 'enemy' is not outside you but rather is inside your mind in your exaggerations. You need to clean out your mind, and then you will have no enemy. If your mind goes outside your body, then you can't handle anything so you can't have any achievement or accomplishment. As a result, your visualizations will be stronger.

  When you can grab something without using your hands, then you can enter the dimension. You can enter the situation with no exaggerations. 

  When you ride the buffalo without sitting on it, your hormones no longer interfere with you. This is a transcendental situation. You can then stand within your body without any weight or intentional forces.

  If you have an enemy within you, you can't hear anyone else speaking because you aren't open. You are sure to have lots of disappointment. To have Chinese gung fu, you need to do things only for yourself and not for others to see. Modern people want to show off to get the attention of others. All you really need to do is overcome yourself first, and then do well within yourself! Don't even consider others. In this way you can transform your life (sheng ming).  Don't try to overcome anyone else. Don't be stubborn.

  When you can do these things, then you can see meaning of life is the combination of communication and thunder and lightning. These lead to more emptiness and space for you.

   The bridge represents the movement of your mind. When the water doesn't flow it means our poisons and fog don't move, so our shengming energy connects and slowly changes things.  This is the first step forward of life to do anything.  This also is the complete opposite of modern educational methods.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI