How do we keep our mind open so we can understand and learn from our experiences?

   People with real understanding may have true wisdom to understand, but most people don't. Most people can't keep their mind open all the time, so they can't dispel fogs and poisons. They don't have the infrastructure of the higher levels, so can't see it clearly or retain it. To be able to keep mind open requires going through lots of bitter practice, just like Monkey on the journey to get the sutras.  It requires understanding that life is a sea of bitterness. Most people lack enough wisdom and have not have enough transformations so can't stay open, and they can't enter your level. 

  When you are enlightened, it is like the sun comes up. Others with a temporarily open mind (temporary clarity/enlightenment) are like a match being lit and consuming itself. 

  Most people who go through bitterness, retain their old ideas because they don't know how to unify their experience.  You need continually to overcome yourself. The problem is an unenlightened mind keeps reacting, trying to trace the chronology of what you are doing.

  Time is an illusion of the mind and body moving together. Real time (jen shih) is using real ability to have mind and body move together. The human body has many systems to regulate itself, systems which your mind interferes with.   When you practice without using your mind, you strengthen your body. 

  When most people face a difficult situation, they rely on their mind which interferes with the level or quality of your balance and ability. This makes their chi disperse outside them so they can't adjust or regulate. 

  Intellectuals rely on logic and not ability. Their mind flies here and there.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI