Please discuss more about 'fate'. Some people have great wealth but poor relationships. What percentage of your fate is your wealth and what percentage your health and relationships?

  Your fate depends on your eight elements (ba dz).   This shows up in your personality and how you face others and behave. These sorts of things determine our wealth, health, and relationships. Some people have less money but better relationships. Others have better health, but no wealth.  There are many different combinations which are possible.  Fate is not something which is externally arranged or given to us by a higher power: We pursue fate or call it out of us.  How it manifests itself depends on how dependent you are or how natural you are, how tense or relaxed.  This can be discerned in your handwriting. 

   You create your fate by your reaction to a given action or event. Your reaction causes you to head in a certain direction, so to speak.  When you are clear, you know how to go. If you are not clear, then you don't know how to pass through the event in a good way.  Consequently, the road you choose requires you to go through obstacles and blockages.

   Clear people know that it is they themselves who decide which way to go, and do not leave the decision to someone else. They don't wait for a critical momentum or a consensus of opinion to amass to show them the way. Unclear people (97% of people) are a lot like worker ants, making a mountain out of a molehill. When you make the decisions and are the captain of your ship, then you may decide incorrectly or make few decisions. This gives us control of our life and we can get through things quicker. Unclear people wander around in the dark, in despair. 

  When we are in control, we use our resources correctly.


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