Please talk about opening Pandora's box. Is the chaos that results from opening up the box part of the Tao?  Once the box has been opened within us, how do we deal with it?  When other people are involved, how do we deal with it?

   Pandora¡¦s box represents the very dark part of the human mind: their poisons and fog. A very dark place.  When Pandora's box is opened, it means the dark portion of your mind has been opened.  What's left is hope.  You need to have a lot of patience to realize hope. Otherwise, this hope becomes limitations.  The attaining of our hope is related to our ability.

  But other things are more important.  We need to put our hopes back in the box.  We first need to have stability (ding wei). Otherwise, our hopes can't be realized because there will always be problems because they naturally arrive.  The good news is these problems won't remain but will pass. What happened in the past is not so important; so don't rely on your experience to solve problems.  Don't be rigid in how the problems work out.  The problems in our box are those that we create. Our problems are within ourself.

    An open Pandora¡¦s box always involves other people. It is easy to resolve this problem. Just think that the problem will pass. Don't react (fan ying) to the problem or it will remain. Remember that you need to lower your head and not be so proud.

  People are much more frightening than ghosts: people's mind move here and there, so many problems emerge. Ghosts, on the other hand, can be exorcised and gotten rid of once and for all.

   Let your mind stop, and then there will be no problem.  Your poisons will leave naturally. If your mind moves, then the poisons will increase.  When you don't see the box, then there is no box, and there are no problems.  Only when you see the box is there a problem. When you stop your mind, then your life begins.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI