How is the inner world of an adult and a child different?

   A child's approach to his life differs from an adult's approach because children are not locked up with the rigid preconceived ideas of how things should be that adults have.  Since children don't doubt or question things, they are able to absorb more.  Adults, on the other hand, are blocked by their own frameworks of how life should be, so they can't absorb things as easily as children can.  A child thinks that anything is possible, but an adult knows that this is impossible.

    In the movie Life is Beautiful, we can see that in life when there are no exaggerations then nothing is frightening. A child believes in the yang side whereas an adult believes in the restrictive yin side.  In other words, an adult and a child have different attitudes toward life.  Because an adult's mind is filled to the brim with blockages, he lacks the emptiness which is necessary to access the yang side of life. As a result, an adult looks at life as being a hell. Children still have an open mind, so they can see that everywhere is heaven. As a result, children can go everywhere, whereas an adult's mind is so frozen that they can only stay trapped in their own small and stubborn thoughts.

    A successful person is like a child who doesn't care about things, so he has a larger emptiness. An unsuccessful person worries about everything, so he lacks emptiness. His life is like a hell with dark clouds everywhere.

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