Sometimes it is difficult to let go of ourself. How can we totally let go of ourself? 

   If you find it is difficult to let go of yourself, the problem has nothing to do with letting go.  If it is difficult, then it is your mind at work clouding everything. Humans tend to clutter up things.

    If your attitude towards things involves expectations, your face, and ego, then you will have more greed. Ego is a stone in our head blocking things, ready to act as a catapult to throw a stone to other people who will then throw it back to you. In other words, ego starts a small war between people. Use humor to manage this thing.  Only if you wound yourself (dz hsiang) can you be wounded.

  The meaning of life is at a higher, more beautiful level, where you are completely free and at ease (dz you dz dzai). This level cannot be attained through the use of ego. Logic does not have a role in it.

   If you keep to one path and don't let your mind roam free, then you are free. Get rid of consciousness.  Combine illusion and real to see the complete picture. Don't believe too deeply in things and then you can be free.

   Get rid of morality as a tool to measure things. Let ancient grudges about the unfairness about things in life die (e.g. double standards for men and women). Then you can have more emptiness.

Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI