What is the relationship between our retirement and our life ability?

  Waiting until our retirement to focus on life is not a balanced approach. If we enjoy our work, then we are emptier. When this happens, we can organize various aspects of our life. Don't wait until you retire to do that. Otherwise, you will suffer and quickly become an old person when you retire.  Use an attitude that "life is workˇ¨. Avoid using an attitude that "work is life".  In this way, you can have broader light in your life.

  In Japan, people retire at 55 but they dry up unless other countries want to use their ability.  55 is a golden age when you are full of wisdom and ability.  If you retire at that age, you can have a very full life.  If you have an interest, you must have the ability to pursue that interest.  The things we study in our youth are those mandated by society or our job, not what you are interested in studying. The things you are interested in studying may be 'useless', but they can help you raise yourself and help other people. As we get older, we can help others more. Your experience and wisdom can help others raise their level.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI