What are the differences between working and life? What are the significances for them?

  Life is being completely free and natural (dz you dz dzai) and work is mostly regulated/regimented and a little free. Lao tze says that work is not so yin if you are humble. In this way, you can see the limits of what you do. Although many people look at their work as mind numbing, it is not; it changes all the time.  Only when people let their mind die when they work do they see it as mind numbing. When you don't let your mind die but you use a mindless (wuhsin) approach, then you see much more.   

  Although our position (dzwo wei) is different each day, our work is the same. So it is not the same.   So, the meaning of our life is different each day. There are so many opportunities each day to use others to see yourself more clearly. Most people think their life is the same as their job, so after work, they go home to eat, read the paper, take a shower and go to sleep. It's the same routine day in and day out.  They look for easier jobs, which waste their life, because such jobs do not lead to advancing, so there is no change in their life. When your life is your job, your life has no meaning.  Your life is yin and your job is yang. You need to have both. You need to use your time and life to improve your ability.  You need to improve your ability to do your job, otherwise any study you do is wasted.

   You need to match your emptiness with "not working" every moment.  Divide your work time - so it is efficient and effective, then your emptiness within your job is better. Then you can use your ability to meet the demands of specific task. 

   There are three general levels of balance, each of which have their own characteristics:  The highest level of balance is not using your mind (wushin) , the middle level of balance is being able to communicate and the lower level of balance is relaxing. When these three levels are in our work, we work at a higher level of balance. Then we have a lot of ability and happiness in our work.  We have a sense of completeness.

    Different directions are open to us in our jobs, each of which leads to different advances in our ability.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI