In chapter 3 of the Tao Te Ching it says that if we don't let people want or expect or desire things, then they will be balanced.  Yet this modern world is built on capitalism and the basic idea that there will always be a 'new and better' or 'new and improved' thing that people MUST HAVE!! How do we stay in this world and pick up the trends yet not succumb to these forces of advertising, mass media, etc. ?

    Technology has brought a lot of convenience to our modern life.  The ancients  relied on their own strength and ability. The modern washing machine was developed to help women who weren't strong enough to handle the washing more easily. Unfortunately, nowadays in order to do the laundry, all we have to do to use it is push a button: the modern washing machine hasn't really helped us get stronger. In short, modern people use technology to waste their time and ability. The ideal use of technology is to let you have a mindless (wu hsin wu wei) attitude and then you will be stronger. If your mind is calmer, you can multitask.  If your mind is chaotic, you can't do even one thing fully.  So let your emptiness increase through the time freed up by modern technology. 

  Technology has brought divisions between people and encouraged the development of our ego. If we understand that we are alike, that we are all on boats of different sizes (based on our power and money), then we are equal.  Each type and size of boat has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. It is easier to sleep on a wooden boat, but it doesnˇ¦t move very fast.  Metal boats are faster, but are not so nice to sleep on.  Some people like rice, some like bread.  We need to understand ourself, and then we can understand others.

    The happiest people are those who don't have strong desires. They want to be very polite, very humble people, so their ability is higher. When this happens, your nei dzai  (internal focus) is very strong, and your mind is very happy.  You can use all your time to help keep your mind very happy. Otherwise, if we are wai dzai (externally focused), we are controlling and anxious people. We need to take our minds which were used to pursue desires and let their force be empty. Then your chi descends and you can be happier and emptier, and have more life forces because you are more natural and free (dz you dz dzai).

   We need to have wisdom to use technology to manage things. It is best not to use or waste time for technology. We need to have "no expectations" (wu r chiou) of technology. Just use it for what it is and nothing more. Don't use technology to create a new world or create new problems.

    Advances in technology may make it easier to contact each other, but the fundamentals of communication stay the same. You need the wisdom to control your desire and fully utilize your ability to handle technology.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI