Most people fear death, even if they are relatively open-minded and are well-traveled people. What can be done about this?

  Even though a person is well-traveled, it doesn't mean that these experiences have changed the way they think, including a general fear of death. If you enter the practice of chikung, you won't need to fear dying.  Confucius said that if you study Tao, then there is nothing to fear. In other words, if you practice chikung and are able to raise your level and see your original mind, then you have no reason to fear dying.

  Some people tend toward exaggeration and waste; they hang onto experiences and enlarge them to the largest possible extent.  They are solidly rooted in non-emptiness (you). Only when you can live and see from emptiness (wu) does life have any meaning or use.  As a rule of thumb, just do what you need to do at a given moment: don't think about it. Don't be obsessed about when you will be complete or when you will attain the Tao.  Life is a high level of exchange with no expectations, with no thinking.  Unfortunately, we want too much and we expect too much.  Don't expect to practice well.

   When you only do what you need to do, then what needs to happen happens. For example, when you only do what you need to do, then you naturally think less.  Just let it happen naturally, at its own pace. 

  Most people look at things, but do more than look at things: they look at things in order to perceive consequences.  This is a problem.  

   Our life is for our self and not for society.  Study what you need.  Practice until you have a balance.

Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI