What is the goal of real education? How can it help modern people?

  A good method of education is to let people study how to fish rather than give them a fish to eat. Real education is about how to be a person. People figuratively need to learn how to fish and how to study for themselves so they can raise their level.  This requires that we have enough teachers who are qualified as people to teach others how to be people.  Unfortunately, we lack enough of these teachers nowadays.

  The goal of education is to give people the wisdom to discover themselves.  Modern education contains too many language classes that are useless.  We need to have one language to unify things, and one international language: English.  The problem with modern English education is there is no time to study or use it.  Language is a communication tool, so Mandarin Chinese is good because it is convenient.  The Joint College Entrance Examination in Taiwan (the lien kao) is a good model to use, but it needs some adjustment.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI