ˇ§We should only do what we can do at a given time.ˇ¨ Please explain more about this. Sometimes I think that if I only did what I could do that I'd barely be able to walk across the room.  How much more percentage wise do we do more than what is necessary?  How can we discern what is necessary and what is not?

   The idea of doing what we can do is an attitude or a sphere or dimension.  If we can enter that level, then we discover we don't need to do anything else and can do what will satisfy us.  If you can't enter that level, you won't know the frequency and will work too much.  When you can enter that level and clearly see the condition or situation, you can recognize that you are not locked up.  Most people think too much, so we are unable to recognize or enter the condition or situation.

     Successful people in history are those who were leaders who broke through, either in a yin or yang way, and could enter the level.  Most people are followers, so they are largely tired and in general fail to enter.  When you do what you can do, then society will have less exaggeration.  That is, people will not be using their mind to explore the situation at hand in order to find how they can benefit from it.  Everyone will move in accord with the movement of other people.  When only a few people move (and not everyone moving their own mind), they have a great effect.

   If we can have a mind or attitude that we will do only what we can do, and know what we need to do, then there are no problems.  In such a case, you won't worry about things you don't need to do.  In short, initiative is not helpful in the long run.

 Our ethical relationships and their responsibilities are built up over a period of time. It is best for to just throw them away. Just pay attention to what you can do.  Let go.  Don't move your mind.  A person's attitude reflects how he is treating himself.

Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI