Several years ago one of the most famous chikung masters in Taiwan, Wu Chang- shin , was successfully hypnotized. How was it possible for a chikung master to be overcome by hypnotism?  How does hypnotism work?

  Hypnotism uses the frequencies of visualization and suggestion. People who are sensitive to such things find it easy to be sucked into the suggestions made by the hypnotist: "You're very tired.  Relax! Relax! Your head is getting heavy." And so on. You try to fight it, but then slowly the problem disappears. 

   For hypnotism to work, you need to believe in it completely.  This is how western spiritual healing works.  It uses a strong belief (in Jesus, god) to elicit energy to fix the problem.  Hypnotism works the same. If you believe, then you will perform most reasonable actions under hypnotism.  If, on the other hand, you are not sensitive to such sensations, then hypnotism won't work on you.  A successful hypnotist needs a cooperative patient or audience.  Without one, it is not effective.

  Hypnotism is very close to automatic chikung.  Sensitive people lack the ability to be stable so their chi is easily moved.  They can easily enter dimensions and as a result find new problems.  Master Wu was hypnotized because he lacked enough stability.

Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI