Reading underworld novels (like martial arts novels or ancient Taoist or Buddhist Chinese stories) probably brings you into very fanatic and fascinating levels that make you feel happy, angry, and scared at the same time and as well as obsessed and distracted. What is the frequency that causes us to feel this way? How can we not move our mind but still enjoy reading of this type of novel?

  The Western world does not have this type of writing.  These books are written very close to the human mind so unless we are very stable, we easily link our emptiness with the emptiness in these novels.  This means it is very easy for us to visualize what has been written. The more you see, the more it moves you, and the more you are possessed by it. If you are not very stable when you read these novels, you can't be yourself.

  This phenomenon happens when you read Buddhist scriptures.  It's the imagery and not the words or sentences which grab you.  Typically, before we read or watch something, we anticipate what we will see. When we read Buddhist scriptures, we expect there is a mystical or magical power, so we will easily enter that sort of environment, in a devilish way.

   When you read these novels, be sure to use a bu dung hsin  (not moving your mind) attitude and be at a very stable level. Otherwise, you will be grabbed by what you read.

Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI