In Jet Li's movie The One it said that there is a hole or defect within the mind of each person. Only when an opportunity comes to compensate for or repair the defect or hole will that person will be perfected. That opportunity is different for each person and could involve love, your job or anything else: each person has to find out what it is. However, if we get it and later lose it, it will be like a terrible blow to us. In this movie the actor lost it at first but finally found it again, making him perfect again. But at the end of the movie he lost it again. When this happens, how can we face our defect and the impact of losing the solution?

   Actually, there is more than one hole or defect. It's more like a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces.  Only if our life is complete do we have only one hole or defect. These defects are consequences or karma, meaning that they are things which are difficult to convert or transform.

   Many people equate their job with their goal in life.  When they become successful and achieve their job, then they feel empty. In truth, basically we are empty, as are the other people in our life with whom we strive to have relationships.  This comes because we have enlarged our minds, and not our spirits.  Because we use our minds too much, our own emotions do not match those of others, so there is no fit, no relationship. When we stop using our minds, we can remove the poisons and illusions from our emotions and thus be able to match the emotions of others, resulting in a closer fit and better relationship.  This requires removing all definitions and expectations so you can approach stability, balance and emptiness.

   Only through your inner life practice can you raise the level of your body, spirit, and mind. This inner life practice needs to be a continual practice. Through this, when your raise your body level, then the defects are removed or fixed. This takes an accumulation of a lot of practice leading to a high level!  Part of this practice is throwing things away willingly, and not unconsciously, perhaps by mistake or accident. If these things are thrown away   unconsciously without our consent, they will return to us.

   It's important also to know the true definition of what human emotion (ren ching) is. It most definitely is not a stone or burden for us. Looking for love to fix the defect requires a lot of yang chi so you and your partner can find each other and exchange forces. This requires both of you to have practiced chikung to certain level.  If you and your partner have different qualities of yin and yang, then you can't exchange forces easily. What is really required here is the ability to have a mutual exchange of forces. It is particularly difficult to find this, especially without expectations.  An example of incomplete mutual exchange of forces and the dire consequence is at the end of the movie The New Legend of Zu Mountain. If you and your partner are not at a high level, you cannot change your egos so you can't be balanced. This means you lack the ability to overcome yourself (your ego) and you can't have the ability from the Love Scale. In short, you and your partner can't unite.

  Long story short: as long as you don't know yourself, you can't know anyone else, and you can't fix any defects.


Chi Kung Culture Society of TAIPEI