How can we keep our balance in the state of imbalance?

  We are not accustomed to being imbalanced, so when we experience it, we find it very hard to take.  Laotse said that imbalance is the beginning of heaven and earth, in other words, the beginning of everything. It is the opening of a window to a different dimension from which we can see heaven or hell.    Most people want to have balance, but when you want to have balance, it means that you have problems. Actually, most things (about 80%) are naturally not smooth and are generally imbalanced.  If you demonize this state, then you will have problems managing it.  Avoid putting a label on it or its flip side will appear.  Adopt a let go attitude instead.

   Change (wu chang) is  constancy (jen chang).    The mistakes, accidents, problems in our daily life and world problems are  jen chang . We can't have a life without problems, but we can reduce being harmed by having an attitude of not distinguishing between problem times and non-problem times.   Big problems arise when you  can't change exterior events  and at the same time you are imbalanced inside.

  Most people are conservative, but those who are less conservative tend to be more successful than those who are conservative.  Conservative people exaggerate small problems into big problems. 

  Unbalanced people  are less focused on society and focused on how to achieve benefits for  themselves only. Balanced people have more focus on society, less on their social status/position or personal benefits.

  When we have to face change (wu chang), we exaggerate it, and in our method of dealing with it, affect others in a bad way.  When we are imbalanced, we can't manage change in our life. For example, for many people, it is an ordeal to wake up and get ready for work because it is their habit or preference to look at it in that way.




Not being (wu)  and being (you)  need to move mutually for change to happen. If only one of them occurs/happens/moves, then you will feel bad/uncomfortable.

It is normal to encounter problems. If there are too many problems, and you can't overcome yourself, take a day off. Don't waste your chi

If you view things as being either in balance or not in balance, then you are taking responsibility for it -  you are doing too much. To take responsibility means you have expectations and rigidity, so more problems emerge.

shit happens.

So, see wu chang as jen chang

Don't waste your life forces to change things. 

Dont exaggerate things.

Then everything is wonderful.  

If you use a humorous attitude, then all will be resolved well.  

Life is wonderful, but we change it to be horrible by using our mind.  It is better to use an enlightened mind to see things

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